Kal Kalim

Fashion Photographer & Creative Director

Fashion Photographer & Creative Director


“Kal is an excellent orator and brand strategist. An amazing human who understands business & brand-building. Very candid & honest in sharing his opinion and trustworthy advice.”
Arpan Patel
COO- SFP & Sons


“My experience working with Kal for last 5 years on multiple endeavours has been insightful, transformative and rewarding.
With a passionate attitude and wise, business savvy mind, Kal continues to progress in all projects with sustainability and connection at the centre of his work.

Kal has facilitated many opportunities for me to gain experience and confidence in the fashion industry. There are many valuable skills not only a model, but an entrepreneur needs, to be successful in their career. This includes leadership, communication, critical thinking, empathy, purpose, integrity and determination; Kal has consistently modelled these traits. More specifically, Kal practices empathy. With his caring and generous attitude he often considers the needs of others before his own and actively uplifts his team. Through his guidance I was able to develop such characteristics and it has taken me far.

I consider Kal not only as a friend but a mentor and will be forever grateful for the work experience, life lessons and character building he has guided me through.”
Olivia Ford
Fashion Model
Tasmania, Australia

Charismatic and Inspiring.

“I had the chance of working with Kal very briefly in the starting of my career. Now, a decade down the line, he still continues to be my mentor. He’s one of the most inspiring people I have worked with. He has a way of bringing out the best in people by inspiring them to be their best. He radiates positivity and always has the best advice. It would be an honor to work with him again someday. All the best Kal ! Keep inspiring !”
Aiswarya Rema
Design Consultant
Lingerie & Swimwear
France I India I UAE






“Kal for me has been one of the most inspiring, honest and down to earth people with such a positive energy that radiates. Kal is extremely professional and I always enjoy spending time with him. Kal is amazing at what he does and is great to work with. I truly admire his work. I would recommend Kal wholeheartedly to anyone due to my positive experience.”
Kidist Begashaw
Student & Model


“Kal is a friend. And a talented professional colleague. Working with him is always enjoyable. We have worked on several projects & organised events together. The result of our work has always been very satisfying. It’s great to be friends with someone who is such a brilliant thinker.”
Ridho Adjie
General Manager / Hotelier 
The Royal Santrian


“My experiences working with Kal began as a supportive mentorship, and have developed into a genuine and life long friendship. Kal not only has the vast experience across several industries, but he has the qualities that are often hard to find in a successful professional. He sees the best in people, and brings to light an individual’s strength and beauty of their uniqueness. He cares for the success of his colleagues and mentees, but not for the sacrifice of integrity and team work. Kal’s influence has persisted beyond my modelling career. I intent to emulate his character and kindness in my career as a doctor.”
Sophie Ludbrook
Student of Medicine 
Former Supermodel of the Year


“Unfortunately no words are enough to describe how incredible Kal is. Not only an inspirational mentor, but a beautiful friend. Professional. Encouraging. Unique. And passionate. A true artist.”
Bella Fernandes
Model & Law Student 


“It’s been great joy and fortune working with Kal. The sensitivity and equanimity he brings to any project is worth watching and learning from. Every idea is worth discussion, and every one is welcome.”
Sopan Sharma
Independent Creator



“Working with Kal definitely made me see my journey as a model much more clearly. He taught me that modelling isn’t all about winning, but also about encouraging a true sisterhood and supporting other artists.”
Belle Brooks
Fashion Model
Australia/ Bali


“I had the pleasure of working with Kalim as my creative art director and I must say that it was truly an awesome experience. Kalim’s creativity and passion for his work are unparalleled. He has a unique ability to take a concept or an idea and turn it into a visually stunning masterpiece.”